Rehabilitation of injured birds

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Rehabilitation of injured birds

We assume that during the monitoring of power lines, many birds will be found injured as a result of collisions. These are often serious injuries, the most common fractures that require immediate professional assistance. Within the project there will be purchased equipment for 7 rehabilitation stations under the State Nature Conservancy, there will also be repaired aviaries and other spaces for disabled animals. In Rozhanovce in Kosice there will be a completely refurbished large Rehabilitation Centre, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice. These facilities will treat and rehabilitate birds found during monitoring or outside. We assume that during the duration of the professional care, help will be given to at least 250 individual different species of birds.


Project results covering the period from 1st September 2014 to 31st December 2016

  • Professional care was ensured for 919 birds in the rescue centres involved in the project.

  • The aviary in Rozhanovce was repaired and was officially open in December 2015. During the reconstruction, the original aviaries were removed. The original aviaries were in an unsatisfactory technical condition caused by long use and did not in any aspect meet even the basic principles of Welfare and veterinary care. As a consequence, the aviaries were not in use at all. After the reconstruction 5 new smaller aviaries and one large free-flight aviary was constructed meeting the highest standards.

  • A new aviary was built in SKCHVU016 in December 2014 and one new aviary was built in Bratislava in July 2016.

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