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Project LIFE Energy as implemented in thirteen SPAs (Special Protection Areas) in the period of 1st September 2014 - 31st December 2019 and was aimed at protecting the ten priority bird species. Project pages are currently updated only on an occasional basis.

Restoration of suslik colonies in SPA Slovenský kras

Written by  Monday, 15 June 2015 12:29

European ground squirrel is among people very popular and very useful in nature. He lives in colonies. In the past, farmers were considered him a pest and its colonies consisted of several thousand individuals. Today farmers support suslik´s return on their pasture. Suslik is unfortunately in our nature (but also in other EU countries) very rare. It is an important source of feed for many species of animals, which include the Imperial Eagle and Saker Falcon.

It occurs in areas that are mowed regularly (e.g. airports), or grazed.The photos are from the site of Muran, where suslik population has managed to stabilize so that it serves as a so-called "resource locality" - namely that the part of suslik´s population may be transferred to another site to strengthen the population. Regularly mown or grazed grassland are called "managed localities" so with a bit of exaggeration, we can call these lovely donkeys managers :)


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