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Project LIFE Energy as implemented in thirteen SPAs (Special Protection Areas) in the period of 1st September 2014 - 31st December 2019 and was aimed at protecting the ten priority bird species. Project pages are currently updated only on an occasional basis.

Famous celebrity being the face of a LIFE project in Slovakia

Written by  Friday, 10 April 2015 17:03

Dorota Nvotová is a famous celebrity in Slovakia, known as an actress, singer and traveller. The team of the LIFE Energy project (LIFE13 NAT/SK/001272) contacted her to promote the project actions and results. Dorota replied positively several minutes after receiving the e-mail and was pleased by the idea. She participates on each of the concrete conservation actions of the project such as survey of the power lines, planting of trees, monitoring of endangered species, creating nesting opportunities by installation of artificial nests, ensuring proper management on sites crucial for the European Ground Squirrel, care for injured individuals of birds etc. Short movie will be prepared from different actions and presented online.

The project LIFE Energy is focused especially on collisions of birds with power lines and methods to identify and eliminate this threat in 13 Special Protected Areas in Slovakia. Power lines identified as the most dangerous will be protected by the bird flight diverters to make the power lines more visible for birds. The project has started in September 2014. During the first 7 months of the project more than 8 thousand kilometres of power lines in the project area were under the baseline survey carried out by more than 50 trained field experts. However, this is only a beginning. The monitoring will continue with a more detailed survey until February 2016. After that dangerous lines will be identified. Besides protecting birds from collisions several other measures are being undertaken in order to create safe areas for birds suitable as feeding sites, breeding sites and roosting areas.

Participation of a famous person will not only promote the LIFE project itself, but also the conservation of nature in general and will definitely have a big influence to increase the awareness of a wide public.

Lucia Deutschová

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