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Project LIFE Energy as implemented in thirteen SPAs (Special Protection Areas) in the period of 1st September 2014 - 31st December 2019 and was aimed at protecting the ten priority bird species. Project pages are currently updated only on an occasional basis.

Monitoring of electric power lines

Written by  Friday, 05 June 2015 12:41

In order to protect birds from collisions into electrical power lines and preventing collisions we organise specialized monitoring. Research has been carried out on nearly eight thousand overhead electrical lines type 22kV and 110kV, in order to identify the most dangerous sections from a collisions point of view. Thereafter, ecologisation of these sections will be done through the installation of bird flight diverters.

Pictures are from monitoring realised near Veľký Meder, where took part famous actress, singer and traveller Dorota Nvotová.

Martina Badidová

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