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Project LIFE Energy as implemented in thirteen SPAs (Special Protection Areas) in the period of 1st September 2014 - 31st December 2019 and was aimed at protecting the ten priority bird species. Project pages are currently updated only on an occasional basis.

Bird diverters save 600 birds yearly

Written by  Monday, 05 December 2016 15:28

Nowadays, something especial happens in Slovakia. Special components arise on precisely selected electric lines sections to enhance the visibility of wires for birds and reduce the collisions which have occurred here. This action saves more than 600 birds yearly.

“LIFE Energy is the largest project focused on monitoring and resolving the above-the-ground electric lines impact on birds that was ever implemented in Slovakia. During the electric lines survey our field experts covered a distance of more than 30 thousands kilometers. Inclusive of the total time spent in the field and time spent by results evaluation the survey took more than 1800 days, that is 5 years. Aim of the survey was to identify actually dangerous sections of electric lines where collisions with flying birds really happen. Special bird flight diverters are being installed on electric wires within the project - in total length of 77 kilometers in 13 SPA situated in western and eastern part of Slovakia. For the first time a scientific approach is implemented. Our staff is back in the field directly after the installation of diverters to verify the efficiency of this action - to check if the birds notice the barrier and fly over it. Even we are able to compare effectiveness of different types of diverters,” the chief project manager Lucia Deutschová from Raptor Protection of Slovakia advises.

The project LIFE13 NAT/SK/001272 Energy in the land - power lines and conservation of priority bird species in Natura 2000 sites is implemented by Raptor Protection of Slovakia, Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s., Západoslovenská distribučná, a.s., University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice and State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic, with a partnership of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.



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