Project results - February 2016

Written by  Thursday, 10 March 2016 11:32

• Monitoring of 22 kV and 110 kV lines continued. In western Slovakia took place control and selection risk sections for installation of bird protection measures, in SPA Lehnice, Dunajské luhy, Kráľová, Dolné Považie, Parížske močiare, Ostrovné lúky – C1.
• We identified the owners of areas selected for planting of trees and started to contact them – C2.
• Production of nests and selection of sites for the installation – C3.
• We realized management of Suslik area in Hrhov - cutting down shrubs and removal of biomass. We have started feeding susliks because they woke up very early – C5.
• We started to control nests – D2
• We have published three Press Releases with 21 media monitored outputs, including 10 in the online media, 8 in print and 3 outputs the TV in the main news – E4.
• Two meetings with representatives of energy companies were realized - E5.


Photo: Richard Katzinger

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